UCLH Phase 1

Values and Approach

‘Delivering value responsibly’

The practice’s shared values are shaped by the term ‘responsibility’.

‘At Clarke Nicholls Marcel, we believe that our business aims and objectives should be achieved in a way that has a long-term positive impact on the individuals we work with, the communities we operate in, and the environment we live in.’

In recognising these responsibilities, CNM is able to add value to client relationships built on ‘delivery, integrity, and trust’.

‘Delivering value through experience’

CNM differentiates itself by ensuring that the benefits of its collective experience are passed on to the client. This approach shapes the way in which projects are resourced and run, and the way in which CNM develops its people.

Director involvement and the utilisation of experienced Engineers form an essential part of project resourcing. Experienced, decision making Engineers reduce client risk and add value to the design process.

The strong platform of experience also enables CNM to make practical, informed choices about the use of new technology, construction methods, and new materials.